Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Project Brawl Busters?

A: Project Brawl Busters (PBB) is a collaborative effort started in 2019 to revive the 3d action combat game Brawl Busters and bring it back to a playable state.

Q: I'm new, what was Brawl Busters?

A: Brawl Busters was an online only, free to play action game that was released in 2011. Multiple versions were released in different regions, but all of them were shut down in late 2013.

Q: So what is different in PBB from the original release?

A: PBB stays mostly true to the original game with some small changes. Since this is a fan run project, all in-game purchases will be available for free and any monetized features have been altered or removed.

Q: Are there any plans to update the game further?

A: PBB will continue to provide fixes for bugs found after launch. Apart from that, any additional changes to the game will depend on community feedback and the development team's opinions on the state of the game. For the time being, changes to balance or new content is not the main focus. this covers some basic questions that people will have I think. keeping it brief is probably good

Q: How to create an account?

A: Your account will be created the first time you connect on the game, you don't have to register anywhere.

Known Bugs

This is the list of known bugs. No need to report them!

"My Stats" section is not fully working.

"Leaderboard" is displaying fake information.

"Intrude" is not working.

"Observing" is working only if the match already started.

Contact the Staff

You can contact the staff on our Discord server.

For any problem/report, please contact helpers.

For any bug report, please contact Swit, Scarly or morarlaurentiu13.

Join the Community

A Discord Server was created for the community to talk and play with all the Brawl Busters fans.

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